It was such a privilege to compose the music for these four extraordinary and deeply moving films about the most important landmarks in human lives.

In this series, Grayson Perry explores the landmark events in all of our lives – birth, coming of age, marriage and death – and tries to reinvent them for our modern secular age. He travels the world for inspiration, spending time with communities in the Amazon, Indonesia and Japan to see how they treat these great moments. Back home Grayson then collaborates with British families to devise ceremonies that will mark a genuine milestone in their lives.



Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage
First Broadcast: 23rd August, 2018
Broadcaster: Channel 4


“Above all, it left one with a sense that there was something unifying and important about being human.” The Guardian | ★★★★★

“This is profoundly touching television. Keep the tissues handy.” Evening Standard

“A profound, and profoundly moving, exploration of the nature of great loss.” Radio Times


Directors: Neil Crombie & James House
Editor: Rupert Houseman and Jake Martin
Composer: Alexander Parsons
Production Company: Swan Films


Violin and Eurorack Synthesiser: Alexander Parsons
Cello: Klara Schumann
Vocals and Accordion: Tara Creme