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Grayson’s Art Club

What a lovely, inclusive show Grayson’s Art Club is. A unique programme in so many ways, including its fabulous music.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times



During the Covid-19 lockdown, Grayson Perry, one of Britain’s leading creative talents, invited the UK to join his art club in a mission to unleash our collective creativity and unite the nation through art. A Swan Films production for Channel 4. The show is now in it’s third series, with exhibitions free for the public to visit in both Manchester and Bristol Galleries.

My soundtrack for Grayson Perry’s Art Club is available exclusively on Bandcamp, with all ongoing proceeds from the release donated to Workshop 305 an arts-focused social enterprise in Wimbledon that works with people that have learning or physical disabilities. Their well-equipped, spacious studios offer a stimulating variety of art and craft activity, a friendly and supportive environment and the space for a group of individuals to share a sense of community, purpose and achievement. As a social enterprise, all of their profits are used to support the work that they do, both in-house and in the wider community.


Grayson's Art Club Soundtrack


★★★★ THE TELEGRAPH | Judith Woods
Appointment television is back – and it’s a bona fide masterpiece. In the midst of lockdown, a quirky Channel 4 series has brought the nation together and served up not just creativity but a slice of British life like no other.


Executive Producers: Neil Crombie and Joe Evans
Series Director: Christian Collerton
Editors: Rupert Houseman and Iain Pettifer
Composer: Alexander Parsons

This is Our Family: The Nailors

Every family has their story. This series is comprised of four individual films about four families filmed over three years that fast-track the evolution and lives of the families as they deal with the universal themes of births, deaths and marriages, in a ‘Boyhood’ meets ‘Modern Family’ television first. Pleased to have been commissioned to compose the score for Episode 4, the Nailors as well as the main titles for the series.
Watch the episode here
Director: Marcus Plowright
Producer: Alana Morena
Editor: Iain Pettifer
Composer: Alexander Parsons – Main titles for the series and episode 4, The Nailors

The Murder of Jill Dando

On the 20th anniversary of her murder this landmark documentary tells the full story behind one of Britain’s most high-profile unsolved killings, as told by the people at the heart of the case.

With access to never-before-seen material from inside one of the largest and most complex murder inquiries ever conducted by the Metropolitan Police, viewers will discover how events played out in real time.

By gathering together the perspectives of detectives, Jill’s colleagues, friends and close family, plus previously unseen archive and photographs, this film goes behind the headlines and speculation to offer unique insights into Jill’s life and the hunt for her murderer.

The Murder Of Jill Dando, a 1×60 for BBC One, is made by BBC Studios. The Executive Producer is Joe Mather and the director is Marcus Plowright. It was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Director, TV Content, and David Brindley, Head of Commissioning, Popular Factual.

Production Company: BBC Studios
Director: Marcus Plowright
Producer: Georgina Lee
Editor: Leigh Brzeski
Composer: Alexander Parsons


Forensics: The Real CSI

Delighted to have worked with the brilliant team at Blast! Films on this powerful and revealing three-part documentary series for BBC Two.

Different episodes follow individual crimes from the moment of call-out across this vast area, showing how CSIs gather and assess evidence from DNA to blood spatter, digital forensics to footprints – and how they work closely with CID detectives driving individual investigations.

Police work that relies on hard factual evidence is more vital than ever and convictions today can rest on tiny margins. The path of a bullet through a pane of glass; the chemical make-up of a petrol bomb at the scene of a fire; the drop of saliva left on a victim’s clothes. As criminals have become more sophisticated in recent years, forensic science has made huge advances and the role of Crime Scene Investigators has become more and more vital.

Capturing the twists and turns of major crime investigations as they happen, the series follows serious criminal cases and shows the vital work of police forensic services in building evidence and solving crimes.

Northumbria Police is one of Britain’s largest forces, covering an area of over 2,000 square miles and a population of more than 1.5m people. The patch encompasses the urban sprawl of Newcastle as well as tiny former mining villages; from the Scottish border down to County Durham, and from the Pennines across to the North East coast.

Production Company: Blast! Films
Editors: Tom Dixon Spain, Leigh Brzeski, Jake Martin
Series Editor: Vari Innes
Exec Producer: David Hodgkinson

Whistleblower: The Maurice McCabe Story

Whistleblower: The Maurice McCabe Story

It was a privilege to have been asked to compose a score to accompany this two part series following the incredibly personal story of Sergeant Maurice McCabe, Irelands most prominent Garda Whistleblower. Broadcast across consecutive nights on the 12th and 13th of November, the film became the most ever watched documentary on RTÉ One.

The two-part TV documentary has exclusive access to in-depth interviews with Maurice and Lorraine McCabe, as well as Maurice’s 91 year old father Michael and other family members. Through candid interviews and extraordinary archive, these films tell the story of this intensely private family who were catapulted into the limelight after Sergeant McCabe became the country’s most prominent Garda whistleblower.

Producer/Director: Máire Kearney
Editor: Ray Roantree
Composer: Alexander Parsons
Dub mixer: Alvin Sweeney


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