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Alexander Parsons is a composer and sound designer for film, television and media, based in London. He works with a range of production companies and has composed scores for BAFTA and RTS winning documentaries.

A selection of my recent work

A selection of some of my recent work, including documentary, animation and film productions. Click here for more examples from my portfolio.

American High School:
Swan Films | BBC

American High School follows a charismatic principal and his students over the course of one school year and through their eyes we witness life-changing...

Shattered Minds: Our Traumatic Wars | Mosaic Films

A series of powerful animated documentaries about service-related mental health, called Shattered Minds. The films are narrated by Veterans and aim to address the stereotypes, prejudice and misinformation...

House of Teen Mums:
Oxford Scientific | Channel 4

House of Teen Mums’ is a surprisingly heart-warming and straight-talking film based in a YMCA hostel full of teen mums and their babies.  Sassy,...