Feature Documentary

Hell Jumper • Expectation • BBC – Coming Soon
Coco Chanel: Unbuttoned • Why Now • BBC
Forced Out • Dragonfly • Sky Documentaries
The Man Who Stole the Scream • Curve Media • Sky Documentaries
Hijacked: Flight 73 • Blast! • Sky Documentaries
Black Power: A British Story of Resistance • Rogan Productions | Turbine Studios | Amazon Studios • with the London Contemporary Orchestra
Surviving Covid • Sandpaper Films
Paloma: As I Am • Mosaic Films • BBC
In Cold Blood • Darlow Smithson Productions | Shockworker • ITV
Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm • ieie
The Real Michael Jackson • BBC Studios


On Thin Ice • Curve Story • BBC – Coming Soon
The Space Shuttle That Fell to Earth • Mindhouse • BBC x CNN
Who Killed Jill Dando • Empress Films • Netflix
Worlds Collide: The Manchester Bombing • Label 1 • BBC Two
Curse of the Chippendales • Lightbox • Discovery + • Amazon Prime
Forensics: The Real CSI • BBC Two • Blast! – Series 1-4
Grayson’s Art Club: The Exhibition • Swan Films • Channel 4
1971: The Year Music Changed Everything • Apple TV +
Fred and Rose West: Reopened • Blink Films | Shockworker  • ITV
Akram Khan: The Dancer and the Fighter • Swan Films • Channel 4
Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health • Goalhanger | Shockworker • BBC One
Grayson’s Art Club • Swan Films • Channel 4
Museums in Quarantine • Swan Films • BBC Four
Miss World: Beauty Queens and Bedlam • BBC Two • BBC Studios
Redress: Breaking the Silence • RTÉOn 
This is Our Family: The Nailors • Sky Atlantic | Shockworker • Little Gem
Grand Designs (Series 20 onwards) • Channel 4 • Boundless
Gee: The Silent Killer • Channel 4 • True Vision
Panorama: Crisis in Care • BBC One • Rogan Productions (co-composed with Angus MacRae)
The Murder of Jill Dando • BBC One | Shockworker • BBC Studios
Stacey Dooley: Young and Homeless: BBC One • True Vision
Whistleblower: The Maurice McCabe Story • RTE1
The Football Club: Artist In Residence: Channel 4 • Storyvault
Grayson Perry: Rites Of Passage: Channel 4 • Swan Films
Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation: BBC One • On The Corner / Rogan Productions
Professor Green: Working Class White Men: Channel 4 • Swan Films
Big Ben: Saving the World’s Most Famous Clock: Channel 4 • ITN
Can We Live With Robots: Channel 4 • Swan Films
Grayson Perry: Divided Britain: Channel 4 • Swan Films
999: On the Frontline Seasons 1-4: Channel 4 • Curve Media
Grayson Perry: What Britain Wants: Channel 4 • Swan Films
American High School (6 x 50min episodes): BBC3 / BBC1 | Shockworker • Swan Films
The KAWS Effect: Sky Arts • Swan Films
Kinky Britain: Channel 4 • Sundog Pictures
House of Teen Mums: Channel 4 • Oxford Scientific Films
The Great British Sex Survey: Channel 4 • Swan Films
Prison Night: Channel 4 • Double Act
First Humans: The Cave Discovery: Channel 4 • Quickfire Media
Muslim Drag Queens: Swan Films | Shockworker • Channel 4
Grayson Perry’s Dream House: Swan Films | Shockworker • Channel 4
The Secret World of Lewis Carroll: BBC2 • Swan Films
Rock Raiders: Discovery Channel • Double Act
Jockey School: Channel 4 • Matchlight
Extreme Dog Styling: Channel 4 • Swan Films
Psychopath Night: Channel 4 • Oxford Films
Life in a Day: The Minicab Office: Channel 4 • Mentorn Media
Alex Brooker: My Perfect Body: Channel 4 • Mentorn Media
The Plane that Saved Britain: Channel 4 • Blast! Films
The Real Chariots of Fire: ITV • Silver River
A Year Inside Number 10: Channel 4 • Dispatches
Cops and Coyotes: Discovery Channel • Double Act


The Trials: Channel 4 • Rogan Productions
Lucid: Oculus • Breaking Fourth
Utopia6: Oculus • Breaking Fourth

Award Winners and Nominations

Worlds Collide: The Manchester Bombing (Broadcast Winner)
Banned! The Mary Whitehouse Story (Grierson Nominee)
Black Power: A British Story of Resistance • Amazon Studios (BAFTA Nominee)
In Cold Blood • ITV (Emmy Winner/RTS Nominee/Grierson Nominee/Broadcast Nominee)
Surviving Covid • Sandpaper Films • Channel 4 • BAFTA Nominee/RTS Nominee/Broadcast Winner)
The Murder of Jill Dando • BBC One | Shockworker • BBC (BAFTA Cymru Nominee/RTS Nominee)
Miss World: Beauty Queens and Bedlam • BBC Two • BBC Studios (BAFTA Scotland Nominee)
Stephen: Murder That Changed a Nation • BBC 1 • On the Corner/Rogan Productions (Grierson Winner/RTS Nominee)
Working Class White Men • Channel 4• Swan Films (Grierson Nominee)
American High School: BBC • Swan Films (Broadcast Digital WInner/RTS Nominee)
Muslim Drag Queens: Channel 4 • Swan Films (BAFTA Nominee)
Grayson Perry’s Dream House: Channel 4 • Swan Films (BAFTA Nominee)
Why I Worry About Things: BBC • Mosaic Films (RTS Winner)
I Can’t Go to School Today: BBC • Mosaic Films (BAFTA Winner)
What Makes Me, Me: BBC • Mosaic Films (BAFTA Winner)
Seeking Refuge: BBC • Mosaic Films (BAFTA Winner)
Dinopaws: CBeebies • Treehouse • Kindle (BAFTA Nominee)
Stories of Post Natal Depression: Wellcome Trust • Mosaic Films (British Animation Award Winner)


Many animated documentary series’ in collaboration with Mosaic Films, including the BAFTA winning I Can’t Go to School Today, What Makes Me, Me, Seeking Refuge and Animated Minds.
Dinopaws: CBeebies (52 x 11min Episodes) • Treehouse • Kindle

Sound Design

Many advertisements and short films including the following small selection:
Junction 2 Festival: Aftershow Video
Peugeot 208: March 2017
Beats By Dre: Tom Slater
Mr Porter: The History of the Tracksuit • Sport Style • Spy Style • Mosaic Films


BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2017, 2019 and 2020

Recent Live Performances

Hoxton Bar and Grill • February 2018
Gaité Lyrique, Paris • October 2017
Somerset House, London • July 2017
BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London • May 2017
Institute of Contemporary Art (CBK), Amsterdam • April 2017