In this series Stephen Manderson aka rapper Professor Green is going to explore the lives of the most demonised and disenfranchised group in British society – white working class men. By virtually every measure of educational and professional attainment they are the worst performing group, and one that so many still feel able to mock. But as a white working class man himself, Stephen wants to show the reality of the challenges and dilemmas facing them.

Following six young men across six defining months of their lives, as they experience turning points such as going to university, leaving prison, and becoming fathers, Stephen is going to help us all to understand this marginalised and ridiculed group, and let us to see the modern world through their eyes.

Filmed, produced and directed by Christian Collerton
Editor: Sam Santana
Exec Producers: Joe Evans and Neil Crombie
Production Company: Swan Films
Broadcaster: Channel 4