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Grayson’s Art Club

Composer: Alexander Parsons
Violin, synths, electronics, tape manipulations: Alexander Parsons
Cello: Klara Schuman, Joe Zeitlin
Guitar: Dave Malkin, Edward Venn Mowat
Voice: Tara Creme



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Surviving Covid

Composer: Alexander Parsons
Violin, synths, electronics: Alexander Parsons
Viola d’amore: John Dipper
Bass Clarinet: Daniel Mays
Double Bass: Rory Dempsey



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Surviving Covid

Surviving Covid

March 2020 – four patients lie in comas in the ICU of a south London hospital, struck down by Covid-19 in Britain’s first surge. This intimate film follows their stories over six months.

Huge thanks to the wonderful musicians who brought so much life to my score for the film – John Dipper (viola d’amore), Dan Mays (bass clarinet and tenor sax), Rory Dempsey (double bass).


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Director: Nick Holt
Additional Directing: Arthur Carey
Editor: Will Graeburn
Producer: Zora Kuettner
Exec Producer: Henry Singer
Composer: Alexander Parsons
Production Company: Sandpaper Films

Grayson’s Art Club

What a lovely, inclusive show Grayson’s Art Club is. A unique programme in so many ways, including its fabulous music.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times



During the Covid-19 lockdown, Grayson Perry, one of Britain’s leading creative talents, invited the UK to join his art club in a mission to unleash our collective creativity and unite the nation through art. A Swan Films production for Channel 4. The show is now in it’s third series, with exhibitions free for the public to visit in both Manchester and Bristol Galleries.

My soundtrack for Grayson Perry’s Art Club is available exclusively on Bandcamp, with all ongoing proceeds from the release donated to Workshop 305 an arts-focused social enterprise in Wimbledon that works with people that have learning or physical disabilities. Their well-equipped, spacious studios offer a stimulating variety of art and craft activity, a friendly and supportive environment and the space for a group of individuals to share a sense of community, purpose and achievement. As a social enterprise, all of their profits are used to support the work that they do, both in-house and in the wider community.


Grayson's Art Club Soundtrack


★★★★ THE TELEGRAPH | Judith Woods
Appointment television is back – and it’s a bona fide masterpiece. In the midst of lockdown, a quirky Channel 4 series has brought the nation together and served up not just creativity but a slice of British life like no other.


Executive Producers: Neil Crombie and Joe Evans
Series Director: Christian Collerton
Editors: Rupert Houseman and Iain Pettifer
Composer: Alexander Parsons

Artist in Residence: The Football Club

Artist In Residence: The Football Club

Artist Tai Shan Schierenberg spends a season at West Bromwich Albion, during an incredibly turbulent period for the club.

He takes on the role of painter, narrator and interrogator in The Football Club, querying Tony Pulis, then manager of West Bromwich Albion, as he considered the inevitability of his club’s demise and his own position.

“It manages to be about failure, masculinity, creativity and community at the same time.. it gets my vote for the sheer ambition is pours into a commercial hour” – editor Chris Collins


Grierson Winner: Best Arts or Music Documentary
Broadcast Award Winner: Best Specialist Factual


Director: Marcus Plowright
Editor: Iain Pettifer
Composer: Alexander Parsons