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Somerset House Residency: Summer 2017

On Sunday 23rd July, I had the privilege of spending a day in residency at Somerset House, exploring the relationship between music and scent alongside Edition Perfume founder Timothy Han and fellow composer Roman Rappak. On the day, we composed and performed musical reactions based on scents mixed by Timothy, in the Givodan-sponsored Perfume Lab, in front of a live audience. Read a full breakdown of the performance here.



The combination of music and scent forms part of our collective work with Miro Shot – a project which aims to fuse live VR together with live music and sensory feedback to create an immersive reality concert which is experienced as part interactive music video and part live concert.

The Perfume Exhibition runs at Somerset House until the 31st August 2017.

Miro Shot first public shows
Three day residency at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Amsterdam

From the 11-14th May, we will be playing our first Miro Shot public shows at CBK, Amsterdam. The three day residency will be the debut of our collective’s new show, CONTENT – a unique multi-sensory live VR and Mixed Reality concert.


The collective is a collaboration of artists from multiple fields, including musicians, filmmakers, photographers, illustrators and a scent artist.


NRG Magazine have released this article:


During the concert, a live band will play a unique piece of music to their audience through VR headsets. MIRO SHOT promises to embrace the participants in a multi-sensory experience, controlling parameters such as the wind, temperature, and even touch, offering people to switch between the real and the alternated virtual worlds. This way, for instance, when seeing a frozen forest, the viewer will feel the real cold and will be able to smell the real scent of the trees. Ute Kohlman, artistic director of CBK: “What’s really unique is that the audience will become a member of the collective. Visitors are allowed to participate and affect the artwork and music.

CBK Amsterdam works with artists, curators, and musicians from around the world to present unique exhibitions and events. After playing in Amsterdam on May 12-14, MIRO SHOT will take their performance to London, Paris, and Berlin, among other cities.


Entrance to CONTENT by MIRO SHOT is free with a reservation: http://www.miroshot.com


Pussy Riot: Refugees In
In collaboration with BretonLabs and Ten Ven

I was invited to collaborate with good friends BretonLABS and Ten Ven for the composition of this song for Feminist protest group Pussy Riot. In their latest video, they head to Dismaland, issuing a “F— the police” message to terrorism and refugee crises.

“Destroy piece by piece this conservative disease,” the women sing in “Refugees In” while running through Banksy’s amusement park. Pussy Riot hopes to urge Europe to keep its borders open to thousands of refugees who are in search of an escape from heavily ISIS-populated areas.


We are planning to release a lot of disturbing videos next year. We hope that you will not like them. Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova


Ralf Schmerberg directed the video, which also features police invading Dismaland and caging the Pussy Riot members. The group is working on new music in anticipation of affecting change in Europe and the U.S. “We are planning to release a lot of disturbing videos next year,” Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova said in a release. “We hope that you will not like them.”


Pussy Riot wants fans to say yes to inclusive thinking, multiculturalism, and freedom from abuse and inequality, and reject nationalism, xenophobia, and militarism.


Music: Pussy Riot, BretonLABS, Ten Ven, Alexander Parsons
Cinematography: Ralf Schmerberg